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We provide a variety of home care and community services to keep you safe, healthy and happy at home. Easily apply to any service by selecting Book Now.

Adult Day Program

Providing 5 hours of programming for older adults and those with disabilities. Activities include bingo, music, lunch and movie time.

Alzheimer Day Program

A 5 hour program offered at our main centre for seniors living with Alzheimer's and dementia. Lunch is provided. Activities include bingo, dancing, music and board games.

Cooking Classes

Join us every week for a different cooking class. Check the calendar for what recipe we're creating next! All supplies are provided; just bring yourself.

Jeff's Adult Day Program

Outdoor Activities

Join us every week for a unique outdoor experience. From yoga to bird watching, connect with other nature lovers in the fresh air!

Assertive Community Treatment

Book an intake appointment with an ACT clinician

Attendant Services

Helping seniors to live at home by providing assistance with the essential activities of daily living. Personal Support Workers provide service multiple times a day on pre-scheduled visits.

Behavioural Support (In Home)

Provides a timely and knowledgeable response and enhances the health care services of seniors, their families and caregivers, who live and cope with responsive behaviours associated with dementia, mental illness, addictions and other neurological conditions, when they require it and wherever they live, at home, in long-term care or elsewhere.

Service Coordination

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COVID Testing Site

For asymptomatic testing. If you are experiencing symptoms, or to book an appointment by phone, please call 613-000-0000.

COVID Vaccine

Wellington County Driving Assessment

Providing a non-official driving assessment for seniors preparing to take a license renewal test. Our friendly volunteers will supervise your driving skills and offer suggestions to best prepare you for your upcoming test. They will also make a strong suggestion if they feel that you are no longer a suitable driver.

Food Bank

Karen's Friendly Visiting

Our volunteers provide a 45 minute visit with local seniors. Whether you want to play a game of cards or sit and have a cup of tea, our seniors are ready to offer a smiling face along with a safety check-in.

Craving Change

To help you understand why you eat the way you do, learn to comfort yourself without food. Change your thinking, change your eating.

Craving Change

To help you understand why you eat the way you do, learn to comfort yourself without food. Change your thinking, change your eating.

Sharing My ADP

Jim's Fixer-Upper Home Renos

Providing small maintenance jobs around the house including: - electrical fixes - indoor plumbing - yard work - snow removal - heavy lifting Will also consult on larger jobs and recommend local trusted contractors.

Home Safety Assessment

Our volunteers are all local licensed contractors who will inspect your home for any safety concerns and help you install bathroom supports, railings or other modifications to make your home safe.

Jules' Counselling Program

Infant Hearing Screening

Magnetic Resonance Imaging

MRI Prep