Caredove Refer Buttons

Caredove Refer Buttons

By selecting the Book Now button below, a modal window will pop over the current page. The client can fill out the application and receive confirmation via email. Your intake staff will receive the referral, as normal, in Caredove. Any referral sent through your website will be marked with a tag that says “Registrant Sign-Up”.

Style the buttons to match your site

Our plugin easily allows you to select different button styles to reflect your branding colours.

By using the “theme default” style, the button will inherit your default WordPress theme, so these may look different on different websites.

You can customize buttons to be outlined, and choose from small, medium or large buttons. This is a large outlined button.

This is a medium solid button. You can change the colour of the button and the text to exactly match your website or branding colours.

You can also configure the button to open a separate link instead of a modal window, like this button: