Caredove Listings

Caredove Listings

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Andrea's Meals on Wheels

Tasty treats daily

Cynthia's Meals on Wheels

Demo Meals on Wheels

Provides warm meal delivery by trained volunteers at noon time. Security check included.

Demo Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels - Peel

Fresh and frozen meals delivered at noontime accompanied by a safety check

Meals on Wheels - York

Fresh and frozen meals delivered at noontime accompanied by a safety check

Midwifery Care

Throughout pregnancy, labour and birth and for six weeks after birth, clients and their newborns are cared for by a small group of midwives. The midwives are on call and provide all primary care services for routine obstetric and newborn care. Midwives are part of the Ontario health-care system and their services are completely funded by the Ministry of Health for residents of Ontario. You do not need a referral from a doctor to have a midwife; contact our clinic directly to request midwifery care.

North East Meals on Wheels - Test

Delivers a nutritionally balanced noon hour hot meal by volunteers who provide a social contact and a safety check for the client. Special diets may be accommodated. Frozen meals may be available.

Personal Care - SE Subcontract

Mon: AM/PM Tue: AM/PM Wed: AM/PM Thurs: AM/PM Fri: AM/PM Sat: PM Sun: AM

CT Link Transportation Requests

Drivers available to take clients to medical appointments, social visits, and shopping.

Rides & Transportation

Wheelchair accessible door-to-door transportation services for non-urgent rides including doctor's appointments & grocery shopping.

Falls Prevention and Gentle Exercise Class

This fun, gentle exercise program, led by certified instructors, will include: Exercise everyone can participate in, from chair exercise to walking. Exercise that will improve general fitness, strength, balance, mobility and energy levels.